August 31st, 1973

Fri. Mae & Martha here this evening. To Dover for supper.

August 30th, 1973

Thur. To Greencastle for dinner, Harold & I. Jean and marion here afternoon - a new car - Buick. A storm here this morning, Thrimes house struck and killed 2 cattle. Edith Flanagahan died this evening, would've been 87 the 1st day of Sept.

August 29th, 1973

Wed. Cleaned cold air ducts.Cleaned bathroom. Harold put steel wool around cold air ducts. Harold to Frank Martin's.

August 28th, 1973

Tues. Hot, hot, hot. To A & W for coney. Fred and Jane there.

August 27th, 1973

Mon. Washed a hand wash.

August 26th, 1973

Sun. To Sunday school. James Hanneschoen turned in resignation to take effect Sept. Us to Eula Jeans = Fred Owens here @ nite.

August 25th, 1973

Sat. washed & ironed. Harold & I to Crawfordsville for fly spray. Harold washed car, mowed grass.

August 24th, 1973

Fri. Watered the aquarium. Canned 4 qts tomatoes. To Crawfordsville to mall for supper.

Welcome to 1973

Today starts the second part of Helen's journal - August 1973 to September 1974. An interesting time in history, and on the farm. Honk and Helen are both in their seventies at this point, but they haven't slowed down too much ...