White Leghorn Chicks

Fifty five years later, there are still White Leghorn's in the henhouse, although we'll probably brood a little later this year as we already have a goody supply of eggs. Helen bough her day old chicks for 3¢, the price this year is $1.91 - here's a link to the birds at one of the few remaining interstate hatcheries, McMurray. I'm sure Helen's came from a lot closer than Iowa, but can't pinpoint the exact source.

April 27th, 1954

My chicks today - 40 Leghorn @ 3¢ each.

April 26th, 1954

I worked today. Fran had her teeth out today.

April 25th, 1954

Tom and Jane here - they went fishing.

April 24th, 1954

To Mc's @ nite. Sue & Gene Farrow married today.

April 23rd, 1954

Worked. Jane came home with Honk. Fred & Juanita here @ nite.

April 22nd, 1954


April 21st, 1954

Worked. Johnnie sowed oats and grass seed.

April 20th, 1954

Ironed. To town - bought aqua dress for [Eastern] Star.

April 19th, 1954

Washed. To Indianapolis with Goldiene.

April 18th, 1954

Easter Sunday. To Pleasant View @ 5:15 in morning - to Aunt Elsie's for dinner - to Frank's @ nite.

April 17th, 1954

Saturday. To Pleasant View to arrange for Easter.

April 12th, 1954

Cora & I met with Omega Parks to arrange for Easter Breakfast.

April 9th, 1954

worked. Claude & Frida home from Florida.

April 8th, 1954

Worked. Honk to Edgar Byram's.

April 7th, 1954

Hot. 80°. Worked.

April 6th, 1954

Ironed - finished cleaning upstairs.

April 5th, 1954

Washed. to Earl's @ nite. Stormed all nite - everything flooded.

April 4th, 1954

To the folks - Cleo and Jeanette there. Frank & Fern came @ nite. The men went to board meeting. Stormed all nite.

April 3rd, 1954

I didn't do much, just rested all day. Went to Thorntown, paid for locker.

April 2nd, 1954


April 1st, 1954