News from 1954 - July 24th

Flag of the View Minh  Flag of the Republic of Viet Nam

Who could've foreseen the turmoil the end of the First Indochina War would cause in the US a mere ten years later?


July 16th, 1965

Friday. I worked. Honk's first day back to work. Marvin's first day @ Lafayette.


July 14th - 15th, 1954

I worked, Honk home.


July 13th, 1954



July 12th, 1954

Mon. washed today.


July 11th, 1954

Sun. to Honk's folks. The children came out this morning. Frank Canada married to Pat Johnson.


July 10th, 1954

Sat morning. Started for home @ 7am fast time arrived here @ home 7pm.


July 9th, 1954

Fri. to picture show @ nite. Drove to Indian Reservation sure had a good time. Took pictures @ Smoke Falls.


July 8th, 1954

Thurs. had a good catch to day. Bob caught a 5lb. "pike" 23in.


July 7th, 1954

Wed. had a good catch today - fish for supper.


July 6th, 1954

Tues. Cold, foggy.


July 5th, 1954

Mon. Clear day. Caught 45 Blue Gills and pike. Had fish for supper. Sent 7 cards home. Comfortable day.


July 4th, 1954

got up - rolls and coffee. Men went fishing - "no luck".


July 3rd, 1954

Sat. arrived @ Shawona at 8am this morning. Naomi, Carmen and I went to Shawona got our groceries - eggs, bacon, rolls, coffee. Chili for supper. Slept well all nite.


July 2nd, 1954

Hot. Started vacation on way to Donald and Naomi's. Started at 10pm from Donald's.


July 1st, 1954

Thurs. Laura & John's corner store and house burned. Jane here.