August 31st, 1954

Tues. Cleaned up house.


August 30th, 1954

Cool. Ironed. Monday. Ruth Helens put permanent in hair @ nite. $3.00 to Ruth. I gave $160 for Lilt Regular.


August 29th, 1954

Sun. Mr. Collins & Mother here - Dave here. marvin & Jean came for Jane's bed.


August 28th, 1954

Sat. washed.


August 27th, 1954

Fri. worked. Jane came home with me.


August 26th, 1954

Thur. worked.


August 25th, 1954

Wed. Jane went home this am, I worked.


August 24th, 1954

Tues. Ironed. Took Tom to Dr. Shaw for dental appointment. Jame came home with me. Shower for Pat Canada at Ulen Country Club.


August 23rd, 1954

Mon. Washed.


August 22nd, 1954

Sun. Home all day.


August 21st, 1954

Sat. nice day. Dr. Foster here. To Mc a Doodles @ nite.


August 20th, 1954

Fri. Nice, cool day. worked. Tom started having hay fever.


August 19th, 1954

Thur. worked. Went to Dr. Foster's to see about having two little calves "clamped".


August 18th, 1954

Wed. I went to work, Jane went home with me. Stormed @ nite.


August 17th, 1954

Tues. Cold and rain. Fired up furnace. Tom here & Jane - Jean & Marvin to Lafayette. Jean came for Tom, he was going to Bill Hitch's.


August 16th, 1954

Mon. Washed. Hot.


August 15th, 1954

Sun. Harold to Sunday school & church. We all went to Uncle Verne's for birthday supper. Jane came home with us. Hot day.


August 14th, 1954

Sat. Another wreck @ Dover. Cecil Bush and a woman from Greenfield. To Earl's @ nite.


August 13th, 1954

Fri. worked.


August 12th, 1954

Thur. Worked.


August 11th, 1954

Wed. Cool. I worked. A shower for Wilma Davis.


August 10th, 1954

Nice day. I worked. Jane & Tome here spent nite with us.


August 9th, 1954

Mon. Foggy. Misty. Washed. A pretty afternoon. Had another bad wreck @ Dover. 2 cars, 6 in one car, 2 in the other, all hurt. (1 died).


August 8th, 1954

Sun. cool. To Bob & Carmen's. Sure have a nice home. Honk called to work.


August 4th - 7th, 1954

worked. Nice cool days.


August 3rd, 1954

Tues. Cooler to day. Honk called 4:30 am. Ironed, made downstairs drapes over.


August 2nd, 1954

Mon. Washed. rained in the morning - to Claude Frona's @ nite. Had quit a storm @ nite.


August 1st, 1954

Sun. To Sunday school & church. Honk to church meeting @ nite. Jean and Marvin bought property in Lafayette.