June 28th, 1954

Mon. washed, Tues. ironed, Wed. getting ready for vacation.


June 27th, 1954

Sun. to Honk's folks. Put up hay. Hot.


June 26th, 1954

Sat. Honk to town. Had machine oiled - new points new manifold tires transferred getting ready for vacation.


June 25th, 1954

Hot. Last day I worked - starting on vacation. Banta hen hatched.


June 13th, 1954

Sun. Don, Naomi, Bob, Carmen here for dinner. Mother & Mr. Collins here in afternoon.


June 12th, 1954

Sat. cleaned house. made pie shells, heavenly hash, potato salad.


June 11th, 1954

Fri. Hot 90°F. worked.


June 10th, 1954

Thur. Hot 93°F. worked.


June 9th, 1954

Wed. worked. Hot - 92°F. To Star @ nite.


June 8th, 1954

Tues. To see Aunt Elsie in afternoon. Jean went to dentist.


June 7th, 1954

Mon. washed and ironed. Cleaned upstairs.


June 6th, 1954

Sun. To Sunday school. To our June birthday party @ park. Next year to have it third Sunday in June.


June 5th, 1954

Cleaned downstairs, waxed kitchen and bathroom. To Colfax @ nite.


June 2nd, 1954

Wed. Thur. Fri - worked.


June 1st, 1954

Tues. ironed. Had new furnace put in. Mr. Weliver here new furnace $485. we wanted oil - [will] burn around $450. Vookivich won 500 mile race.