May 31st, 1954

Mon. a pretty day. the kids here. 500 mile race.


May 30th, 1954

Sunday. a nice sunshine day. to Sunday school and church. Uncle Verne, Aunt Laura - Aunt Elsie here.


May 29th, 1954

Sat. Had an awful storm last nite. Mr. Weliver here to inspect the old furnace - no good.


Catching Up All At Once

So it's really December 26th - things got a wee bit hectic over the summer on Honk & Helen's old farm - but we're caught up now, and figured this would be a good time to catch up on posting here.


May 25th, 1954

Tuesday. Ironed. Tom here.

May 24th, 1954

Monday. Worked. To town in afternoon. Jane came home with me.

May 23rd, 1954

A beautiful day. To Sunday school and church. To Crawfordsville after noon. To Kathleen's. To Walter Mc's @ nite.

May 22nd, 1954

A beautiful day.

By Way of Comparison

We still find lumps of coal in the barnlots and around the house. I can't imagine what 11 tons of coal would've looked like in the basement! The company (Brown Brothers) that sold the coal is long gone, and it's tough to find sources of heating coal now. But I did run across this article with the following tidbit:

One ton of coal costs about $200 on average, that equals 200 gallons of oil, 310 gallons of Propane, 1.7 tons of wood pellets, 1.4 cords of wood, 27,000 cubic feet of natural gas, or 8,200 kWh's of electricity.

So that 9 and a half tons of coal that was $125 in 1954 would be $1900 in 2009. What a difference 55 years makes, eh? But in the end, it's pretty much the same: $2000 is about what I spent last year on propane to heat the house throughout the season.

May 21st, 1954

A pretty day. Worked. Brown Brothers brought our coal - 9,670 lbs. - $125. There are two ton in the basement. Earl came @ nite.

May 19th & 20th, 1954


May 18th, 1954


May 17th, 1954

A beautiful day. Washed - cleaned and painted the back porch.

May 16th, 1954

To Honk's folks - Bob & Carmen there. The children came @ nite for Jane. Had sandwiches and Cokes, drumsticks, coffee. Rained.

May 15th, 1954

To Thorntown for groceries. Home @ nite.

May 14th, 1954

Worked. Jane came home with us. To Mc's @ nite.

May 13th, 1954


May 12th, 1954

Worked. Honk and I went to Eastern Star in Thorntown.

May 11th, 1954

Ironed. Jane here.

May 10th, 1954

Washed. Jane here.

May 9th, 1954

Sunday. To Mother's - Aunt Elsie, Uncle Vern and Aunt Laura.

May 8th, 1954

Cleaned up house.

May 4th, 1954


May 3rd, 1954

Washed. To Crawfordsville, bought black shoes, girdle & ear rings.
To Mary Shaumons funeral. Songs "I Came to the Garden Alone", I Am Coming Home". Funeral preached from 23rd Psalm.

May 2nd, 1954

To the folks - Honk set electric light pole, etc. To Walter Mc's @ nite.

May 1st, 1954

Dr. Foster here - clamped calves. Franks & us to Colfax.