September 20th, 1973

Thur. Billy Jean King - Bobby Riggs. New tank of SkelGas - $11.75. To Lebanon, paid REMC and telephone, ate dinner @ coffee shop. To Jean's 2pm, ate supper there. Home @ 7pm.

September 19th, 1973

Wed. washed. Harold to Progress Grounds to help paint little red barn. He and Roy Roby got a card ready to send Todd Scott. Cloudy, cold. Jean called this morning.

September 18th, 1973

Harold, Mac, Martha and I to Crawfordsville. Saw Maggie and Helen, also Ernie and Kathleen. Harold broke his lower plate.

September 17th, 1973

Mon. rain, cloudy. Made door curtains for kitchen. Jim & us to Davis Orchard east on Belleville on 40 - a cloudy day.

September 16th, 1973

Sun. To Sunday school & church. Home for dinner. To Russell & Hitch [funeral home] to pay respects to Pearl Pittman family. To Jim Reed's @ nite.

September 15th, 1973

Sat. washed. can't hardly drag today. To Lebanon - took Aunt E. hose, body powder, body lotion, facial tissue. Mac McGuire here this evening. To supper for fried mushrooms, brown bread and pie.

September 14th, 1973

Fri. To Evelyn's for my hair. A foggy morning. A car almost had a head-on with me 2 mi west of Shannondale.. Home @ nite.

September 13th, 1973

Thur. To Crawfordsville for breakfast. To Lehamm, bought material for 2 slips. Dennis here, bought Home & Garden for school band.

September 12th, 1973

Wed. Washed dining room curtains & hung them. Ebbinghaus & us to Hoffman farm. Dover church to get $5,000 for directing traffic for progress show.on 25 - 26 - 27 of Sept. McDonald restaurant for Hamburger & coffee.

September 11th, 1973

Tues. Washed dining room curtains. Ironed. Harold and I to Rockville for supper. Back to Crawfordsville for groceries & powder, body lotion, facial tissue.

September 10th, 1973

Mon. a beautiful day. Washed. Talked to Eula Jean. Baked a cake. Harold cut down trees across the road. Harold and I to Advance Conservation Club ice cream social.

September 9th, 1973

Sun. To Sunday school & church. To Dover for dinner, to Dover for supper - to Jean Stafford's for the evening. Harold and I drove to Hoffman Farm where Progress Show will be.

September 8th, 1973

Sat. finished up washing up dishes in china closet. Ironed. Hattie called today. Home @ nite.

September 7th, 1973

Fri washed dishes in china closet. To Evelyn's for my hair. Harold and I took a drive to Pittsboro - Indianapolis - Lebanon & Thorntown. Also to see Aunt Elsie to day.To see Dell & Devon.

September 6th, 1973

Thur. Harold washed back porch down. I did washing, also washed all dishes in window seat. Home @ nite.

September 5th, 1973

Wed. To Fred Owens @ nite.

September 4th, 1973

Tues. A hot day. School starts today. Sent National Home a check for Aunt E. - $163. To Crawfordsville @ nite - A & W.

September 3rd, 1973

Mon. A beautiful day. Washed. Jean Stafford here with her new "Cutlass Supreme". To A&W for broasted chicken, a drive up 43 across to Darlington and home.

September 2nd, 1973

Sun. another hot day. To Sunday school & church. "The Necessity of Baptism", John 3, Jesus talking to Nicodemus.
Lucille Keyes died.

September 1st, 1973

Sat. Went around wood work. Harold visited Chas Aston. Harold & I to Lebanon for groceries.