November 30th, 1954

Tues. Ironed.


November 29th, 1954

Mon. washed. To Advance to take chair. To Opal's - Fern & I & Opal on committee for refreshments (Star) on Dec. 8th.


November 28th, 1954

Sun. To Sunday school and church. Marvin, Jean, Tom and Jane here in evening.


November 27th, 1954

Sat. cleaned and fumigated wardrobe in north room. To Colfax.


November 26th, 1954

Fri. worked.


November 25th, 1954

Thanksgiving. Home - Aunt Elsie here, stayed all nite.


November 21st, 1954

Sun. To Donald Hutchens for birthday dinner. Dad Dohoney's 81st birthday.


November 20th, 1954

Sat. cleaned house. Made salad, etc.


November 17th, 1954

Wed. worked. To Advance to masonic banquet.


November 16th, 1954

Tues. Beautiful. Ironed. Raked leaves. Joan's shower.


November 15th, 1954

Mon. To mother's. Beautiful.


November 14th, 1954

Sun. Beautiful day. Marvin, Jean, Jane & Tom came.


November 13th 1954

Sat. cleaned up house.


November 12th, 1954

worked. M.B. Hollingsworth died.


November 11th, 1954

worked. Annie Brown died.


November 10th, 1954



November 9th, 1954

Tues. 2°F. Ironed. cleaned out wardrobe.


November 8th, 1954

Mon. 7°F. Washed. Beautiful day. To Mr. Collins funeral.


November 7th, 1954

Sun. To Sheridan funeral home.


November 6th, 1954

Sat. cleaned up house. baked. Don & Naomi came.


November 5th, 1954

Fri. worked. To mothers @ nite.


November 4th, 1954

Thur. worked. snowed. Dad [Bert] Collins died @ midnite.


November 3rd, 1954

Wed. warmer. worked.


November 2nd, 1954

Tues. Election Day. "Sheesh". Still dreary and cold. Cland and Frona left for Florida. Carl Galloway in for trustee. Earl and us went to Lebanon. Emmett Clay died.


November 1st, 1954

Mon. A bad day. Dark, cold. Snow. Washed - wash hair. cold @ nite. got our big heavy comforter out. Ha.