September 30th, 1954

Rained today - first rain in a long time. New tank - Skelgas brought out but did not attach up. Worked 8 - 4.


September 29th, 1954

worked 8 - 4.


September 28th, 9154

Tues. ironed.


September 27th, 1954

Mon. washed. They took granny to hospital. Honk's first day at Clarks Hill.


September 26th, 1954

Sun. Aunt Elsie & I to mothers. Jean, Marvin, Tom, Jane here at nite. Told us they had sold their Lebanon property to Ernest Giles. McDoodle called said Granny had fell in kitchen. Honk & Marvin went.


September 25th, 1954

Sat. Nice day. Bought Angus bull (10 mo old).


September 22nd, 1954

Wed. Nice fall day. To work.


September 21st, 1954

Tues. windy, cold. Equal noxial weather. Aunt Elsie, Aunt Laura, Uncle Vern - George Clark here. To Aunt Elsie's for supper. A nice time.


September 20th, 1954

Mon. washed. a nice day. rained @ nite. cold 58°F.


September 19th, 1954

Sun. Honk to church. Shirley & Jon's [Woody] wedding @ 3 this afternoon.


September 18th, 1954

Sat. nice day. the children came a while.


September 17th, 1954

Fri. Worked.


September 16th, 1954

Thur. To work. Had ear ache - to Indianapolis saw Dr. Leo Sparks - fungus out of ears - $6.


September 15th, 1954

Wed. Nice day. To Dover - Dell Kelsey's & paid my dues. To fish fry @ Dover @ nite.


September 14th, 1954



September 13th, 1954



September 12th, 1954

Sun. Moved the sheep from Leach's over here. Put a few cans of peaches in the freezer.


September 11th, 1954

Sat. The kids all here. Tom some better of asthma. Bought sheep off Leach, $100.


September 10th, 1954

Fri. I worked.


September 9th, 1954

Thurs. Tom started to school - some better.


September 8th, 1954

Tom still bad with asthma. Their first day of school in Lafayette - Tom not able to go.


September 7th, 1954

Tuesday. Tom had asthma and hay fever awful.


September 6th, 1954

Mon. Labor Day. We washed. Jean and Marvin and Tom came down to Lebanon and on here to get Jane. Tom having hay fever terrible.


September 5th, 1954

Sun. To Jean's today to see their new home on Elk Street. A pretty day. Jane came home with us.


September 3rd, 1954

Fri. Worked. Cool. The children moved to Lafayette today. Red Ball moved them.


September 2nd, 1954

Thurs. worked. cool.


September 1st, 1954

Wed. worked. To see Aunt Elsie.