March 31st, 1954


March 30th, 1954

Cold, but a pretty day. Sun shining - ironed.

March 29th, 1954

Washed - Honk and I to Thorntown with Franks for installation of officers "Eastern Star".

March 28th, 1954

Jean - Marvin - Tom - Jane - Aunt Elsie here for supper. Hail storm covered ground. Bad night - rained.

March 27th, 1954

Cleaned house. Cooked.

March 26th, 1954


March 25th, 1954

Windy, warm, 60°. Worked.

March 24th, 1954

Nice warm day. Worked. To Elbinkhaus for class party.

March 23rd, 1954

Cloudy. Pin curled my hair. . cleaned wardrobe. Jane went home this morning.

March 22nd, 1954

Ironed - cleaned up house. Jane came home with Honk.

March 21st, 1954

To Sunday school & church. Jean, Jane, Tom & Marvin here a while in the evening. Uncle Vern, Aunt Laura & Aunt Elsie here @ nite.

March 20th, 1954

Cloudy. I washed. Earls & us to Colfax for supper. back home in time to see State championship game. Milan won over Muncie.

March 19th, 1954

A March day. Sunshine, rain, hail - did everything. To Franks @ nite.

March 18th, 1954

worked. 55° beautiful day.

March 17th, 1954

worked. nice day.

March 16th, 1954

Jean - Jane - Aunt Elsie and I went to Mothers. Bought Jean a girdle.

March 15th, 1954

ironed. cold

March 14th, 1954

to church & Sunday school

March 13th, 1954

worked - to Thorntown to get groceries in evening.

March 12th, 1954

worked. Went to see Aunt Elsie.

March 10th, 1954


March 11th, 1954

worked. To Breeders & Feeders banquet at nite. Albert Stewart & Glee Club there.

March 9th, 1954

Beautiful spring day. Cleaned 2 wardrobes, washed my hair and pin curled.

March 8th, 1954

A beautiful day. To Crawfordsville. Bought blue nylon shoes, Rhine stone necklace, nylon white gloves. To Walter Mc @ nite. Aunt Elsie bought monument for graves.

March 7th, 1954

Jean came after the children. To Earl Cannada's at nite - Earl & Luveta there. Elso Green died today.

March 6th, 1954

Washed. Pretty day. Jane & Tom both here. Fred & Juanita here at nite.

March 5th, 1954

Fri. Cold. Jane came home with us.

March 4th, 1954

(cold) Stopped to see Aunt Elsie.

March 3rd, 1954

Cold - snow - drifts. Jane went home. Honk & I went to work.

March 2nd, 1954

ironed. Jane here.

March 1st, 1954

Monday. Washed - cleaned up house. Jane came home with Honk.