December 31st, 1953

Thur - Fri worked both days - nice weather

December 30th, 1953

Wed. another beautiful day. Worked. [got] a letter from Mother about beef.

December 29th, 1953

Tues. [another] Beautiful day. Washed wood work in the kitchen, and part of walls.

December 28th, 1953

Mon. Beautiful day. Ironed.

December 27th, 1953

Sun. a beautiful day. We took the folks up to see Helen - started @ 9:30, home at 4:10.

News from 2008 - Christmas

Eartha Kitt, who rose from the Southern cotton fields to captivate audiences around the world with sultry performances as a singer, dancer and actress, died on Thursday at the age of 81. She was widely associated with Christmas because of her hit "Santa Baby." The song, recorded in 1953, went gold this year and she received the gold record before she died.

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December 26th, 1953

Sat. a pretty day. Honk called @ 6:30a.m. Home @ 10:30. I worked. no snow. To Walter Mc's @ nite - took them a rabbit.

December 25th, 1953

Fri. Christmas Day. To mothers, Honk & I, Marvin - Jean, Jane - Tom & Aunt Elsie. A beautiful day, 37°. Didn't have snow. To Walter Mc's @ nite.

December 24th, 1953

Thur. worked.

News from 1953, Christmas

Some might say that this period marked the beginning in the United States of "The Fifties". The Korean War had ended with a truce some six months earlier, and this holiday period was welcomed by many as the threat of an immediate nuclear "hot war" receded.

The hot holiday movie release was The Glenn Miller Story, and the new Christmas song was Santa Baby, as performed by Eartha Kitt. We were still a year away from Elvis, but rock and roll was clearly coming. The first color televisions (from RCA) were put on sale on December 30th, at a price of just over $1000, and the Rose Parade was broadcast in color for the first time on January 1st, 1954.

December 23rd, 1953

Wed. worked.

December 22nd, 1953

Tues. worked.

December 21st, 1953

Mon. Ironed.

December 20th, 1953

Sun. to church & Sunday school. To Christmas program @ nite.

December 19th, 1953

Sat. Jane & Tom here. washed.

December 18th, 1953

Fri. Cold. Worked.

December 17th, 1953

Thur. Cold. Zero. Worked.

December 16th, 1953

Wed. Cold - to work.

December 15th, 1953

Tues. Cold, raw day. Ironed. Jean and I went to "Fay Edwards" funeral. Fred & Juanita here @ nite.

December 14th 1953

Mon. Cold. I washed. To town to funeral home to see "Fay Edward".

December 13th, 1953

Sun. cold. Jane & Tom here. Marvin & Jean came for supper.

December 12th, 1953

Sat. a Beautiful day. Fay Edward Grimes died of Heart attack today. Helen Hutchins had surgery Dec. 12, 1953. Honk called to Hazelrigg tonite started 4:45.

December 11th, 1953

Fri - worked. Jane & Tom came home with us.

December 10th, 1953


December 9th, 1953


December 8th, 1953

Tues. A Beautiful day. To Mothers - Aunt Elsie & I.

December 7th, 1953

Mon. washed - hung clothes in basement. To the children's @ nite for Jane's Birthday dinner. I & Honk gave her a Gray corduroy dress. Mayme gave her a beautiful Peach colored dress.

December 6th, 1953

Sun. Cold, snow. To the Honks folks. Honk called out at 5:15 pm this evening. Got home @ 12 mid nite.

December 5th, 1953

Sat. a pretty day. Maymes Birthday. Took Aunt Elsie to Thorntown.

December 4th, 1953

Fri to work - to McAdoo's & Grannys

December 3rd, 1953

To work.

December 2nd, 1953

Wed - to work.

December 1st, 1953

To Gadsen to pay for flowers. They [Lister's] struck water to day at 64 ft!