October 31st, 1954

Sun. Cold - (snow).


October 30th, 1954

Sat. clean house up (snow).


October 29th, 1954

Fri. First snow. worked. To Walter Mc @ nite.


October 28th, 1954

Cold 32°F. Fred here. Worked.


October 27th, 1954

Wed. Cold 33°F. worked.


October 26th, 1954

Tues. Raining. Ironed.


October 25th, 1954

Mon. Rained all day. Washed. To Jean Pointer's shower.


October 24th, 1954

A beautiful Indian Summer day. The children came to get Jane. We went to Danville Indiana Christian Church to Shirley Jean Byrum's and Jack Fuller's wedding.


October 23rd, 1954

Sat. To Advance got and gloves for Jane. To Mc's @ nite.


October 22nd, 1954

Fri. To work.


October 21st, 1954

Thurs. worked. Bert Collins entered hospital. To Lafayette to get Jane.


October 20th, 1954

Wed. worked. New tank turned on.


October 19th, 1954

Tues. Washed and ironed.


October 18th, 1954

Mon. To Lafayette @ nite to see the children.


October 17th, 1954

Sun. A beautiful day - to Marion.


October 16th, 1954

Sat. Cold. I washed windows, made chili. Honk went to town. Had [oil] put in car. Had tires changed, all ready for winter.


October 15th, 1954

Fri. Worked. To Mc's @ nite. Bought Honk a suede coat.


October 14th, 1954

Thurs. Worked.


October 13th, 1954

Wed. Beautiful day. To see Aunt Rose. To Star @ nite - Ann Wingate went in.


October 12th, 1954

Tues. I worked. Earls here @ nite.


October 11th, 1954

Mon. Washed. Rained all day.


October 10th, 1954

Sun. to Honk's folks to put linoleum on kitchen floor. Cleo & Jim to Donald's.


October 9th, 1954

Sat. nice day. children came awhile. To McDoodles in evening.


October 8th, 1954

Fri. Cool - 40°F. worked.


October 7th, 1954

Thur. worked. cool day, pretty. I went back to Lebanon in evening to Russell & Hitch to see Cora Ruth.


October 6th, 1954

Wed. Ironed - shortened uniforms (colder).


October 5th, 1954

Tues. To work. Cora Ruth Turner died [killed] @ 11:15. To Walter Mc's @ nite. Mr. Giles, Marvin & Jean made final settlement for west South Street property, $10,300.


October 4th, 1954

Mon. washed. rained all day. To town, did some shopping.


October 3rd, 1954

Sun. To Sunday school & church. Marvin& Jean here for Dinner. Honk to board meeting @ Dover church.


October 2nd, 1954

Sat. Tom & Jane here.


October 1st, 1954

Fri. Worked 8-4. Honk to Lafayette for Tom & Jane.